Regulation for the use of the ski resort facilities

*based on article 8 of ministerial decision no. 14015/2022, Official Gazette 3739/B/15-7-2022

  1. The use of the facilities is allowed with the corresponding ticket card which is personal, non-transferable and used according to the instructions given with the ticket, for which the prices are posted at the ticket offices. The operator of the ski center is not responsible for any loss of tickets or equipment of those using its facilities.

In case of bad weather during the opening time of the ski center three suspensions are given per hour (9am, 10am, 11am). If the bad weather continues, the operation of the ski center is permanently interrupted. In case of non-operation of the ski center due to bad weather and after the three suspensions have been given, the price of the issued tickets will be refunded.

  1. The use of the facilities is always done with care in accordance with the information signs and the instructions of the staff operating the ski center. In case of causing any damage to the facilities of the ski center, the culprit is punished according to the current legislation.

  2. The entry and use of the facilities is prohibited to persons who are clearly under the influence of alcohol or other related addictive substances.

  3. The ski center bears no responsibility for any accidents that are not due to its fault. The operator of the ski center, in the event of an accident within the controlled area, is obliged to immediately provide first aid and take care of transport to the nearest hospital.

  4. The use of the lifts is done with the instructions of the employees of the ski center. In the event of an elevator outage, customers remain in their seats until they reopen or until they are informed by the staff.

  5. The use of aerial lifts is prohibited for children under the age of 10 or under 1.25m. height if they are not accompanied by adults.

  6. The skier must know in advance which slopes he can use and at the same time consult the signs placed on them. Since the tracks present a different degree of difficulty, the relevant routes are marked with black, red, blue and green colors (black is the most difficult, green is the easiest).

  7. Skiers are required to have a braking component on their skis, and snowboarders must have installed a special safety strap.

  8. Skiers must go up from the edge of the piste, and are obliged to observe the signaling and the signs that show the danger.

Skiers must follow the marked traffic lanes and not remain on the mountain after the time the ski resort announces that it is closing.

  1. Skiers who wants to enter the piste must make sure in advance by looking up and down that they can do so without causing danger to themselves or others. Do not stop in the middle in blind or narrow parts of the track and never enter a closed piste.

  2. Skiers following another must keep a distance of at least four (4) meters and any overtaking must be done in such a way as not to endanger the previous or the following one.

The following skier is always responsible for any collision.

  1. Anyone involved or witness to an accident is obliged to report the incident as soon as possible to the Ski Center Management specifying in particular the name of the piste, the number of the piste plate and the type of accident.

  2. Visitors to the ski center are obliged to comply with the instructions of the staff.

Entry to the non-ski slopes is not permitted.

Visitors to the ski center must not pollute the premises. They must also be informed in advance about the conditions of access to the ski center and take the necessary measures as the case may be, e.g. anti-skid chains etc.