Snowboarding is sport associated with speed and adrenaline!



Since the 1970s, downhill snowboarding has become one of the most popular sports, with snowboarders from all over the world fanatically choosing it.

Since 1998 it has found its place in the Winter Olympics and includes 3 contests, the half pipe which is held on a half tube of snow, the technical downhill which is held on a slope with doors and the snowboard cross, which is a combination of acrobatic skills and downhill skill. However, the most popular style of the sport is freestyle, performed on various terrains, often likened to skateboarding or surfing!

Snowboarding at 3-5 Pigadia

For experienced snowboarders, 3-5 Pigadia offers the perfect setting to explore and enjoy amazing slopes for downhill adventures. If you’re new to the world of snowboarding, worry not – we have the right instructor for you. They’ll introduce you to the sport with the necessary safety measures and proper techniques.

All you have to do is visit 3-5 Pigadia, and we’ll take care of the equipment and lessons you might need!

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