It is one of the most popular winter sports and its long history takes us back thousands of years to Scandinavia!



The ancient people of the Scandinavian peninsula used a pair of long wooden planks, the skíð (Norwegian for cracked wood), to move around and to stay stable they tied them with ropes on their shoes!

A few thousand years later, skis took the form they have today, while bindings and boots transformed skiing from a way of transportation to a safe activity and exercise!

Skiing has been an Olympic sport since 1998 and includes events such as alpine skiing (slalom, downhill, super alpine), cross-country skiing and freestyle skiing.

Skiing at 3-5 Pigadia

Every winter, since the 1970s, 3-5 Pigadia welcomes thousands of skiing and snow lovers! Here every athlete can enjoy the snow-covered slopes and play on one of the slopes that corresponds to his/her level.

Still, our experienced ski instructors are always available to pass on their knowledge and introduce you to the magical world of skiing. From numerous classes for younger ages to private lessons for adults, our ski school instructors can take on beginners and experienced students to give them the confidence they need! After all, it’s never too late to discover your talents!

Put on your wetsuit, grab your equipment or rent it from our shop at the base of the ski resort, and come enjoy a snowy adventure together, at 3-5 Pigadia!

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