Ski / Snowboard School

At 3-5 Pigadia, we believe we can help you unlock and level up your skiing skills. Our school is staffed by experienced and certified instructors who are passionate about sharing their expertise. Whether you are a beginner or looking to improve your level, our personalized lessons cater for all levels. With an emphasis on safety and technique, we will guide you through an exciting journey of improvement, ensuring you have an enjoyable experience.

Lesson Prices

Ski / snowboard lessons
Course prices1 hour2 hours3 hours4 hours
One (1) person40€75€110€145€
Two (2) persons70€130€180€220€
Three (3) persons90€165€225€270€
Four (4) persons100€180€240€280€
Five (5) persons115€215€270€330€

Lesson reservation form

Fill in the lesson reservation details. After receiving the confirmation email you will then be asked to proceed with the payment for the reservation.

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    *To book a course you must receive a confirmation email and then you will proceed to pay for the reservation.